Soft Matter: Concepts, Phenomena, and Applications

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Soft Matter: Concepts, Phenomena, and Applications

A comprehensive, modern introduction to soft matter physics

Soft matter science is an interdisciplinary field at the interface of physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, and materials science. It encompasses colloids, polymers, and liquid crystals as well as rapidly emerging topics such as metamaterials, memory formation and learning in matter, bioactive systems, and artificial life. This textbook introduces key phenomena and concepts in soft matter from a modern perspective, marrying established knowledge with the latest developments and applications. The presentation integrates statistical mechanics, dynamical systems, and hydrodynamic approaches, emphasizing conservation laws and broken symmetries as guiding principles while paying attention to computational and machine learning advances.

  • An all-in-one textbook for advanced undergraduates and graduate students and an invaluable reference for practitioners
  • Features introductory chapters on fluid mechanics, elasticity, and stochastic phenomena
  • Covers advanced topics such as pattern formation and active matter
  • Discusses technological applications as well as relevant phenomena in the life sciences
  • Offers perspectives on emerging research directions
  • Includes more than a hundred step-by-step problems suitable for active learning and flipped-classroom settings
  • Accompanied by a website with additional material such as movies of experimental systems
  • Solutions manual (available only to instructors)
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    Publication Date: 
    January 9, 2024