Our Democratic Future: Toward a Post-Neoliberal Society

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How we can look beyond the tyranny of market logic in our public lives to reimagine the fundamentals of democracy.

Bringing together thirty-two world-class economists, Economics After Neoliberalism offers a powerful case for a new brand of economics--one focused on power and inequality and aimed at a more inclusive society.

Three prominent economists--Suresh Naidu, Dani Rodrik, and Gabriel Zucman--lead off with a vision for economic policy that stands as a genuine alternative to market fundamentalism. Contributors from across the spectrum expand on the state of creative ferment Naidu, Rodrik, and Zucman describe and offer new essays that challenge the current shape of markets and suggest more democratic alternatives.

Featuring contributions from Quinn Slobodian (Globalists), Corey Robin (The Reactionary Mind), Dani Rodrik (The Globalization Paradox), William Easterly (The Tyranny of Experts) and Samuel Bowles (The Moral Economy).

Publication Date: 
September 17, 2019