The Essential Stoic

The Essential Stoic

The essential writings from the three pillars of Stoicism.

Bringing together the essential writings of the three most influential Stoic philosophers, The Essential Stoic is an accessible and instructive guide to living a better life through the teachings of Stoicism, and includes an insightful introduction from Mark Tuitert, Olympic speed skater and bestselling author of The Stoic Mindset.

Distilling the wisdom of the three Stoic masters, this volume contains the three most widely-read volumes of Stoic philosophy in history. Readers will get a comprehensive, 360-degree view of Stoicism, from Epictetus' ethics to Marcus Aurelius' reflections to Seneca's aphorisms.

Hailed as one of Rome's "last good emperors," Marcus Aurelius reflects on living wisely, calmly, and virtuously in a chaotic world. Epictetus describes the need to rationally accept the world around us and live with uncompromising virtue. Seneca provides quick, accessible Stoic wisdom in a series of letters to his friend Lucilius.

The philosophers' combined wisdom shows readers how to live their best lives, staying calm and rational in the face of hardship, remaining true to their own code of ethics, and accepting the world on its own terms.

Publication Date: 
January 23, 2024