Better Health Economics

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Better Health Economics

An ideal entry point into health economics for everyone from aspiring economists to healthcare professionals.

The economics of healthcare are messy. For most consumers, there's little control over costs or services. Sometimes doctors are paid a lot; other times they aren't paid at all. Insurance and drug companies are evil, except when they're not. If economics is the study of market efficiency, how do we make sense of this?

Better Health Economics is a warts-and-all introduction to a field that is more exceptions than rules. Economists Tal Gross and Matthew J. Notowidigdo offer readers an accessible primer on the field's essential concepts, a review of the latest research, and a framework for thinking about this increasingly imperfect market.

A love letter to a traditionally unlovable topic, Better Health Economics provides an ideal entry point for students in social science, business, public policy, and healthcare. It's a reminder that healthcare may be a failed market--but it's our failed market.

Publication Date: 
January 9, 2024