Astra Magazine: Ecstasy (issue 1)

Astra Magazine: Ecstasy (issue 1)
Astra Magazine is a brand new international literary magazine, an emerging must-read for anyone interested in the best new literature from around the world. Astra Magazine will connect readers and writers from around the world - New York to Mexico City, Lagos to Berlin, Copenhagen to Singapore and beyond. We want to bring about a new, borderless, and vital mode of reading, with a focus on literature in translation and original writing in English. We're interested in the inter: the overlaps, the in-between, the authors who defy easy categorization. We are on the cusp of a new era, more isolated and more interconnected than ever before. Astra is a magazine of this new moment, bringing us together while, the world over, we create a new language for ourselves.
Publication Date: 
April 12, 2022