Amongst Those Left

Amongst Those Left

Amongst Those Left is a long-overdue study of experimental literature in Britain from the beginning of the twentieth century through the 1980s.

Undertaken with the aim of refuting the idea that "while American and French fiction was exciting and groundbreaking, British novels were all dull, realist, and provincial," Booth's book takes us on a tour through the captivating work of such writers as Ann Quin, Eva Figes, Stevie Smith, Nicholas Mosley, Christine Brooke-Rose, Stefan Themerson, B. S. Johnson, Anna Kavan, J. G. Ballard, and many, many others. In doing so, Booth effectively reimagines the twentieth-century literary landscape of Britain. Amongst Those Left is sure to add a few books to your reading list and considerably expand your library.

Publication Date: 
February 18, 2020