Amazing Grace:An Anthology of Poems about Slavery, 1660-1810

Amazing Grace:An Anthology of Poems about Slavery, 1660-1810
Bringing together more than 400 poems and poetic excerpts on slavery by writers both famous and unknown, this landmark anthology charts the emergence of slavery in the collective consciousness of the English-speaking world.
"The most definitive collection of anti-slavery sentiment in verse yet compiled, essential reading for historians and literary critics alike. . . . A major contribution."--Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Harvard University
"An astounding literary and editorial achievement."--David Blight, Yale University
"Comprehensive. . . . The illuminating introduction . . . sets forth, economically and helpfully, the larger historical context (material, religious, legal, political) that gave rise to these poems. . . . (Basker's) list of bibliographical sources . . . makes the book of permanent scholarly value. . . . The historical interest [of Amazing Grace] is exceptional."--Helen Vendler, New Republic
"Monumental in scope, vision, and editorial skill."--Choice
"A big, moving book, vital reading for any student of the subject."--Hugo Worthy, Antiquarian Book Review
"Amazing Grace adds incomparably rich sources to our understanding of the cultural changes in the Anglo-American world that made antislavery movements both possible and eventually effective."--David Brion Davis, Yale University
Publication Date: 
March 20, 2005