Always Crashing Issue One

Always Crashing Issue One

Always Crashing is a magazine of fiction, poetry, and nameless things around and in-between. We are interested in surfaces and form, in works that seek something via untruth, fantasy, artificiality, the plastic, deep superficiality, and attention to their own construction. We are interested in writing that strikes curious poses; in the "experimental," not as an avant-garde, but as a furthering of a subterranean literary tradition. We are interested, ultimately, in the aesthetic: the beautiful and the sublime, sure, but also the boring, the dumb, the merely interesting, the zany, the disgusting, the cute--particularly when pushed into strange and unfamiliar territories.

Issue One contains:

Elise Blackwell, "Leap into the Void"

Christian TeBordo, "The Star Thrower-Thrower"

Matthew Kosinski, "Always a Tank" and "Pocketmouth / Birdtalk"

Michael Martone, "BOOM" and "BOO"

Meghan Lamb, "All Your Most Private Places"

Dan Brady, "Like a Shadow" and "He Said, She Said"

Gabriel Blackwell, "Fact-Checking" and "Wittenstein Reads The Varieties of Religious Experience"

Anne K. Yoder, "These Walls Are Falling"

Derek Mong, "The Environmentalists"

Lucia Damacela, "Alice Dialogues with a Dead Modernist Ecuadorian Poet"

Adam Golaski, "From Notes on"

Ori Fienberg, "Selections from the Book of Answers"

Publication Date: 
January 1, 1900